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1. Friends & Patrons

The Friends and Patrons of the Melharmony Foundation (MF) play a vital role in melharmonic collaborations between professional orchestras, ensembles and composers.  They also play an important role in supporting and/or supplementing initiatives of the Melharmony Foundation such as the North American Melharmonic Honors Orchestra (NAMHO).  Friends will be able to pay with American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, PayPal balance or Bank Transfers. 


In return for their contribution, our Friends and Patrons will be offered an exclusive set of benefits that are not normally made available to the general public, such as two weeks’ priority booking; access to open Rehearsals at our residencies in schools; and invitations to luncheons, receptions, meet-and-greet the artistes, and other special events.


Suggested contribution for Friends of the Foundation is $ 25 per month or $ 250 per year and for Patrons is $100 per month $1000 per year.


2. Composer Endowment

Composer Endowment enables you to support the melharmonic arrangements and performance of the repertoire of your favourite composers by various symphonies and other orchestras. Be it Tyagaraja, Dikshitar, Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi, Purandara Dasa or Annamacharya or Mozart, Bach, Beethoven or other masters, MF will ensure that your name and personal support are channeled to propagating the works of that Composer. Composer Endowment is therefore a hugely satisfying and personal way to contribute to the Melharmony Foundation’s music-making. Composer endowers are credited in all concert programs, as well as on the melharmony website, alongside the name of their favorite composer. Contact us for more details on payment options and plans. 


Suggested Composer Endowment (for a given event): $5000 and above.


3. Language Endowment

Are you obsessed with a certain Indian language? Do you want us to propagate Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit or Malayalam compositions in the West through collaborations with professional orchestras? There is a way to do that through our Language endowment. Special credit will be given on our website and in our festivals.


Suggested Endowment (for a given event): $5000 and above.


4. In Memoriam Concert

Would you be interested in having a concert in the memory of a dear and loved one? The foundation gives you the opportunity to affix the name of the person you wish, to a concert or festival. Emails us for more details on payment options and plans.


Suggested Endowment (for a given event): $5000 and above.


5. Adopt a school

The Melharmony School Program has received acclaim from the orchestra players, conductors as well as the media.  The Foundation aims to take this to thousands of school districts in North America and seeks your support to make it happen.  If you have a school in which you would like to see Melharmony being presented you could sponsor or co-sponsor the program cost which includes brief interactive lectures demos, new repertoire for the orchestra, rehearsals and performances.  


Suggested support for the school program: $5000. You could be an associate sponsor with a contribution of $2000-3000. 


6. Chair Endowment

Do you have a favorite musician in NAMO that you would like to support? The scheme offers Chair Endowers the opportunity to establish a direct relationship with the musician who occupies their chair.


7. Volunteer

Even if you are unable to contribute financially, you could be a Friend of the Foundation by helping volunteer your time writing grants, identifying private/corporate/government funding options, exploring performance/residency or other opportunities to showcase melharmony, helping with publicity and so forth. We welcome your support!