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Objectives & Goals



The spirit of Melharmony is to tap the power of music as a powerful unifier of mankind, by creating music that sounds true to listeners of diverse systems.  Further, it is to use this spirit of togetherness to make strong social statements about key issues. 


Melharmony festivals and events featuring composers, musicians, scholars and students representing various systems from Western Classical to Indian Classical, have brought together diverse audiences.  Melharmony productions of videos where Western repertoire such as Beethoven's Fur Elise are presented by virtuosos from the East or collaborations where Eastern repertoire is performed by frontline Western artists and orchestras have won both popular and critical acclaim.  More projects are underway thanks to the support of everyone.  Other objectives are:

  • To create an attractive system that takes into cognizance the rules and aesthetics of both melody-centric (such as Indian Classical) and harmony-centric systems (like Western Classical/Jazz) and negotiates the differences between them.  
  • To showcase similarities between diverse systems, which can lead to a positive appreciation of the distinctions between them.
  • To enhance the awareness of rules of melody-centric systems among composers and musicians of harmony and vice-versa which in turn can create music with greater fidelity to each fused system. 
  • To create a theoretical framework that enables composers and musicians from any part of the world to create melharmonic music.
  • To highlight sophisticated melodic concepts to audiences used to harmony through compositions and arrangements. 
  • To bring a rich feel of harmony and texture into melodic systems such as Indian, yet highlighting their fundamental melodic rules and values. 
  • To explore new chord, counterpoint possibilities anchored on strong theoretical base as well as aesthetics of all constituent systems in the fusion, using melharmonic principles.