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Objectives & Goals


  • To create an attractive system that takes into cognizance the rules and aesthetics of both melody-centric (such as Indian Classical) and harmony-centric systesms (like Western Classical/Jazz) and negotiates the differences between them.  
  • To showcase similarities between diverse systems, which can lead to a positive appreciation of the distinctions between them.
  • To enhance the awareness of rules of melody-centric systems among composers and musicians of harmony and vice-versa which in turn can create music with greater fidelity to each fused system. 
  • To create a theoretical framework that enables composers and musicians from any part of the world to create melharmonic music.
  • To highlight sophisticated melodic concepts to audiences used to harmony through compositions and arrangements. 
  • To bring a rich feel of harmony and texture into melodic systems such as Indian, yet highlighting their fundamental melodic rules and values. 
  • To explore new chord, counterpoint possibilities anchored on strong theoretical base as well as aeshetics of all constituent systems in the fusion, using melharmonic principles.