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Aims & Objectives


  • To stimulate and catalyze the growth and development of the concept of melharmony
  • To facilitate the synergy between melodic and harmonic approaches by commissioning and/or supporting original compositions and arrangements, organising concerts and festivals
  • To create collaborations between composers and artists of diverse systems
  • To organise Fundraisers and Donor Support for Combat Climate Crisis (CCC) Project - sustainable energy initiatives like Solar, Wind and bio energy Micro Grids and Water Desalination & Purification facilitating a greener earth through 
  • To initiate a special Corporate Orchestra Programs (COP) in USA and other countries that includes creating localised classical & world music orchestras & ensembles using musically talented staff and family members of each company/office to alleviate stress, improve morale, relax and rejuvenate everyone that in turns results in enhanced efficiency and and productivity. 
  • To initiate the Corporate Networks for Classical (CNC) program that builds a Federation of various companies that present short lecture-concerts based on classical music from various parts of the world for its own staff or for general public periodically. 
  • To initiate and support health, educational and or disaster relief initiatives through Fundraising events
  • To conduct courses, camps and workshops and
  • To create Melharmonic content (audio/visual/print/electronic publications and productions).


  • To stimulate the continued growth and development of a strong theoretical framework for melharmony that enables composers and musicians from any part of the world to create melharmonic works.
  • To invite, encourage and support composers from diverse genres to create new melharmonic works.
  • To support organisations involved in promoting Melharmony events in USA and other parts of the world
  • To support artists initiatives in Melharmony all parts of the world 
  • To introduce works of the master melody composers in various schools and colleges, through original/Melharmonically re-arranged pieces for orchestras and ensembles.
  • To create, train and sustain the North American Melharmonic Orchestra (NAMO) with professional artists & North American Melharmonic Honours Orchestra (NAMHO) with talented students and give them concert opportunities across North America and other parts of the world.

Performances, Festivals, Seminars & Research:

  • Conduct multi-culture, multi-composer Melharmony Festivals showcasing the brilliant contributions of contemporary composers of both melody and harmony such as Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi-Bach, Tyagaraja-Mozart, Dikshitar-Beethoven in various cities, bringing together diverse artists, orchestras, scholars, students and listeners.
  • Conduct seminars on melharmony or involving scholars of both melody and harmony
  • Support presentation of melharmony lectures/papers in relevant conferences in various parts of the world
  • Encourage theoretical research in Melharmony with respect to exploring new Western Classical / Jazz or other style harmonies centered on evolved melodic systems from any part of the world
  • Support presentation of publications and scholarly articles on Melharmony in academic conferences and musical journal.

Exposure, Education & Engagement:

  • Bring in renowned artistes for residencies/performances specially designed for young audiences and students & enable them expand their musical horizons and knowledge of various genres and cultures.
  • Propagate aural learning of advanced concepts for students of all levels via music through original compositions.  
  • Showcase similarities between such a diverse systems, that can lead to a positive appreciation of the contrasts between them.
  • To highlight sophisticated melodic concepts to audiences used to harmony through compositions and arrangements.
  • To provide grants and scholarships to students and composers with potential
  • To conduct competitions and award prizes and scholarships to talented Melharmony solo/ensemble performers.
  • Connect K-12 students with the local community through partnerships with other schools and art organizations.