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Chitravina N Ravikiran: Conceptualized Melharmony in the year 2000 and has developed it since in the areas of both theory and practice through original compositions, arrangements, collaborations with prominent artists and orchestras including the BBC Philharmonic, lectures, courses and scholarly papers. 


Prof Robert Morris, Eastman School of Music, NY contributed significantly to the development of melharmony theory, especially from the Western standpoint.  His concepts in areas like melharmonizable scales and modes have opened doors for composers of harmony while his college credit course in Eastman on Melharmony with Ravikiran (August 2015) highlighted how composers skilled in melody could melharmonize various ragas. Prof Morris has also presented several lectures and papers on Melharmony, some jointly with Ravikiran.


Vanitha Suresh, has been instrumental in initializing & organizing the acclaimed twin-composer OVK-Bach, Tyagaraja-Mozart & Dikshitar-Beethoven Melharmony Festivals as well as Melharmony K-12 outreach programs and residencies. 


Steve Kurr, Director of Orchestras, Middleton School District has conducted courses on Melharmony and presented papers and lectures on the subject in diverse conferences and events in the USA.  


Dr Geetha Upadhyaya, Founder, Kalasangam: Initiated Global Echoes - the first collaboration between BBC Philharmonic & Ravikiran that paved the way for Melharmony, which was selected among the top 5 out of 2000 events in the UK Millennium Festival.  Dr Ajit Singh and others at Kalasangam have since projected melharmony across the UK in several similar events.


Polivios Issariotis: Western Classical composer who has created & presented a few melharmonic pieces in Canada, Germany, Switzerland with the Evestrum Ensemble.