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Past Events

02Apr 2018

Genius At Work, Cleveland

A special presentation of Chitravina N Ravikiran's compositions featuring NAME/NAMHO orchestras as well as guest stars and other talented artists from North America and India at the world famous Cleveland Festival at Waetjen Auditorium, CSU. 

11Feb 2018

Ethics & Aesthetics Festival

A special event featuring NAMHO/NAME orchestras as well as other music/dance events focusing on Tamil literature over 2 millennia and more featuring poetry soaked in high morals, wisdom and rich musical content. 

12Nov 2017

Midwest Melharmony Festival, Madison

Midwest Melharmony Festival from Nov 11 ~ 12, 2017 featuing NAMHO/NAME orchestra recitals and individual music/dance events culminating in a grand finale with the world premiere of Chitravina N Ravikiran's Melharmonic work, Climatrix presented by the Middleton Community Orchestra 

29Oct 2017

Minneapolis Melharmony Festival

All day Melharmony Festival in Minnesota, featuring NAMHO/NAME Orchestras and individual music-dance recitals by talented artists from North America, culminating in a grand finale by Maestro Chitravina N Ravikiran with the Wayzata School Orchestras conducted by Mark Gitch 

07Oct 2017

Houston Melharmony

Apollo Chamber Players with guest artist Robin Kesselman (Double Bass) present world premiere of 20x2020 No.12, a Melharmony piece by featured composer-soloist Chitravina N Ravikiran at Zilkha Hall in downtown Houston with guest dance appearances by Silambam  Dance Company Houston & Smitha Madhav.

25Aug 2017

Melharmony Festival Gottingen, Germany

A GRAND 3-day World Music & Dance extravaganza featuring Maestro Chitravina N Ravikiran with Gottingen Quintet led by Johann Sebastian Sommer, Euro Jazz led by Jurgen Bleibel (25th Aug) and Gottingen Youth Symphony conducted by Daniel Eismann  (Aug 27) and also concerts by Carnatica Brothers (Vocal), Smitha Madhav & Deodutt (Dance), Chidu Narayanan (Mrdangam) and others. 

15Oct 2016

Premiere of Melharmony Foundation NAME & NAMHO Orchestras, Chicago

Melody, Harmony, Melharmony Concert at Chicago SAPNA Festival 

27Jul 2016

WCO-Ravikiran Concert on the Square, Madison

"Concert on the Madison Square" features Ravikiran's solo & Melharmonic arrangements of Muttuswami Dikshitar compositions played by Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, led by Conductor maestro Andrew Sewell. 

23Jul 2016

Wisconsin Summer Workshop, Madison

Workshops for students of Western Classical, Indian Carnatic/Hindustani, Jazz and other systems on Melody, Harmony & Melharmony by Ravikiran in Madison

18Jun 2016

California Summer Workshop San Jose

Workshops for students of Western Classical, Indian Carnatic/Hindustani, Jazz and other systems on Melody, Harmony & Melharmony by Ravikiran in Saratoga

18Feb 2016

Middleton & Sun Prairie School Orchestra Melharmony

Sun Prairie Performing Arts Center, WI, USA 

14Feb 2016

Melharmony Jazz

Ravikiran, George Brooks, Simon Phillips and others at Mexican Heritage Plaza, San Jose, a Fundraiser for Chennai Flood Relief. 

12Feb 2016

Melody, Harmony, Melharmony Concert

Ravikiran with Madison Bach Quartet, Stroughton Opera House, WI

30Nov 2015

Melharmony Concert with Mark Stone

-Bharat Sangeet Utsav, 2015 in Bangalore, India

07Nov 2015

Dikshitar-Beethoven Melharmony Festival

Mills Hall, Madison, WI includes concerts, workshops, lectures Feature event: Chitravina N Ravikiran with Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra

03Aug 2015

Melharmony Workshop, Eastman School of Music

Rochester, NY, USA 1.30-4.30 pm. Open to composers, musicians and students of Western Classical, Jazz, Indian Classical and other systems.

27Apr 2015

Melharmony Clinic with various schools

at Sun Praire School Auditorium, Madison, Uinted States of America     

22Jan 2015

Melharmony Paper by Steve Kurr

at Composition in Asia (CIA) Symposium and Festival, University of South Florida in Tampa