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Applications for NAMHO Online Auditions have been open from 12 May, 2016 for eligible students of any system including Western Classical, Jazz, Indian Carnatic/Hindustani Classical, Chinese, African & Persian.

Applications for NAME Online Auditions have been open from May 15, 2016 for eligible applicants in the age group of 6-66 (those born between May 10, 2010 & May 10, 1950) in systems such as Carnatic, Hindustani, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Korean, African, Aboriginal, Irish etc.  

Application Fee: $10 per application and it has to be accompanied by a completed Form and an online link to a 3-4 minute video of the applicant. 

Irrespective of the system of music you represent, you will be evaluated and admitted into NAMHO & NAME based on fundamental international criteria and quality of tone, tune & tempo as well as your command and control over your genre. Selections are based on the quality of both content & delivery. 

  • Please submit completed Application Forms along with an online link to a 3-4 minute video sample after confirming payment of the Audition Fee of $10.
  • The screening committee's decision will be final. 

NAMHO Applicants:

  • Since parts are assigned based on levels of the students, please ensure that you send samples commensurate with your level.  For instance, those in Western Classical Strings at Youth Symphony Level must be able to play major & minor scales in 3 octaves @ 120 bpm without vibrato. Likewise, performing level students in systems like Indian Classical must send samples that showcase not only plain but also oscillated notes.  
  • We may then send you specific music parts that you may be required to play on your respective instruments, should the judges wish to evaluate you further.