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Planet Symphony Orchestra

"A symphony of Science and Art to save our planet from the Climate Change Crisis"


Environmental meltdown is arguably  the greatest threat the planet faces today.  The Planet Symphony Orchestra is an international movement that aims to inspire global changes through local initiatives to combat the Climate Change Crisis. 


At the literal level, the Planet Symphony Orchestra (PSO) is a global coalition of celebrated performers as well as talented students (of diverse classical and popular systems in the world) that records or performs music aimed to highlight social issues common to mankind like the Climate Change Crisis. At the broader level, the PSO is a symphony of people from all walks of life including climate-scientists, actors, dancers, sports-persons and other professionals, who work unitedly to save the planet from devolving into an irreversible catastrophe. The PSO aims to be the one harmonious global voice through artistic social engagement to raise awareness about scientific aspects related to the Climate Crisis, galvanize decision-makers into speedy action and inspire individual citizens to take small steps that can make a big difference.


  • The musically inclined can make powerful collective statements through specifically composed orchestral or individual compositions. 
  • Actors and dancers can weave environment related ideals into films, plays, musicals or dance or productions. 
  • Visual artists or event curators and promoters can project the concept in various thematic ways. 
  • Celebrities can share inspirational videos/messages online in the PSO Facebook Group as well as their Social media spaces.
  • Members of the media can help publicize all these. 
  • The PSO Facebook Group offers a space for everyone to post climate related videos/photos/news and share ideas to Combat Climate Crisis or support green energy (like solar/wind), water management or pollution control initiatives.  Membership is free and open to everyone irrespective of nationality, race, region and religion. 


Nationality & Age: The Planet Symphony Orchestra is open to anyone who is 10 years or above in any part of the world (prodigies will be considered for age exemption).


Genre:  Any genre and instrument including (but not limited to) Western Classical, Indian Classical, Jazz, Rock, Chinese, African, South American, Middle Eastern as long as the participant can do any of the following: (a) read Western scores (b) create original scores (in other notational styles) from audio or (c) reproduce (even parts of) the music accurately.  


Goals: The concerts, audios or videos of the PSO will include traditional repertoire as well as specially created music that is socially relevant including orchestral compositions, ensemble/solo pieces, aimed to raise awareness and/or funds for green energy initiatives like solar/wind, pollution control, water management etc. The PSO will engage with and collaborate with like minded organizations in various parts of the world.  

Global Recording Project

One of the first initiatives by the PSO is a global recording project of the Climatrix Symphony, a unique creation in many ways.  It is one of the shortest works of its kind but is in 12 parts (with a short percussion interlude towards the middle) and the music traverses through 72 different scales in just under 8 minutes, including several dissonant ones. The rapid scale changes symbolize the rapidity with which our planet is undergoing disconcerting climate changes, resulting in random and severe weather patterns that are witnessed by people from almost all parts of the world.  Though this is a Classical composition, given the social theme of this project, celebrity artists and prominent institutions from several countries and diverse genres are participating in this momentous project and the PSO sincerely thanks those who have already sent in their recordings. 

Is the project open to students? 

Talented students as well as School/College Orchestras and Youth Symphonies can record and email a minimum of 5 seconds from any part of the piece. Longer durations or multiple clips will be accepted if they meet quality standards.  You can download the Score and Audio for free (the entire score, rather than just individual partshas been made available so people can choose their parts according to their convenience). 

Are non-symphony instruments allowed in the piece?

Climatrix is primarily a Western Classical style piece but given the inclusive nature and social aims of this project, it is open to all instruments that can accurately reproduce the music of a given composition, including those that are not part of the original score.  You can play the parts on an instrument that is closest to the original (like saxophone for clarinet parts) or an instrument that can handle a part seamlessly (like piano or guitar for select string or other sections).  If you play a unique instrument, that is significantly different from the ones in the Score/Audio, please email us and we will assign parts in a manner that adds a global flavour to the piece without affecting its integrity. 

How do I send my music for inclusion?  What is the last date of submission of my audio?  

Record in a quiet place (even your home is fine) on a good device.  Please save it only as as Wav (16-bit, 44100) OR high-quality MP3s and email to: latest by 30 April, 2019.  Please save the file with your name and the Measure Numbers or by the minutes/second that you have played.  Only audios (not videos) will be considered for inclusion.

How do I ensure that I blend in with the music?  

Option 1 - Score: Please carefully note the tempo, dynamics, articulations, expressions and other details. Try to record as precisely as possible (if necessary with a metronome/click track that is audible only to you).

Option 2 - Audio: Listen to the audio until you intuitively grasp all the details of your intended part thoroughly and then record it on your own or play the original audio into your headphone and record on another device. Please ensure that only your music is recorded and the original audio does not bleed into it.

I am a percussionist.  How do I follow the piece?  

Percussionists can augment existing rhythmic parts.

Can I improvise or accompany the piece intuitively?  

Improvisation is not allowed in this piece but will be in other pieces in future. For this one, please choose a small segment where you are able to blend in with the music exactly as composed. 

What is the minimum and maximum duration that one can play?  

The minimum is 5 seconds or two consecutive measures from the Score.  But you can send amuch of the piece (in a single clip or multiple clips) as is convenient.  But please ensure strict adherence to tempo, intonation and also ensure that the tone blends in with the original.  

Do students get credit for being part of this?  What details must one provide? 

Yes, everyone will be given due credit.  In the header, write Climatrix & the name of your instrument (viola, guitar, piano etc).  In the body of the email, please include the following: 

  • Full Name & age 
  • City and country 
  • Name of your institution or employer
  • Instrument that you have played 
  • Optional: Your picture which may be included in the promos 

I am not a musician but can I contribute in other ways? 

Absolutely.  If you would like to contribute your unique talent or Donate to the PSO, please 

(a) Join the PSO Facebook Group 

(b) Invite everyone you can to join the group (including non-musicians) 

(c) Email us about the way you can support us.  At this time, we are looking for:

  • Music partners: Professional or student orchestras and reputed music institutions.
  • Sponsors and Donors: Though a number of performers are doing this completely free of cost, there are production costs (studio, editing, mastering etc).  
  • Event partners:  Organizations that can promote Climate Centric concerts involving local and international musicians/orchestras. 
  • Media partners including social media promoters 
  • Talented audio-video editors
  • Admin volunteers (part/full time)  
  • Those who have powerful videos or photos images of climate changes